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Book on the Hindu Sun God – Surya

The book titled ‘The Sun God – Soorya’ written by Srikant and published by Integral Books explores the symbolism associated with the worship of Hindu God Surya. The book aims to understand sun worship through the eyes of science and religion.

There are chapters on the history of the worship of Surya and on the important sun temples associated with Hindu religion but majority of the chapters tries to unravel the symbols and hidden secrets of Sun worship.

From the flyer of the book

Worship of Sun-God has been a universal phenomenon. It inspired a relentless philosophical quest that probed into the deeper realities of Nature. From it emerged life-evolving practices of physical and spiritual culture such as the Soorya-namaskaara, Sooryopaasana, etc., which assume much relevance today in bestowing harmony to the tension-ridden modern life. The Sun-God rides in a chariot drawn by seven horses, each with a hue of the rain-bow, and all with white hooves. Such symbology as this is explained in the book, shedding new light on the profound insights of the ancient sages.

You can find more details about the book, read a couple of pages and buy the book at Integral Books.