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True Hindu spirit is coming out of the crowd

People find comfort in being a part of the crowd. They don’t want to be creative. Even if they have different thoughts from that of the society they subdue it. Coming out of the crowd means you are rebelling. Now, rebellion is a bad word for any society. The Hindu society is no exception. But this is not true Hindu character.

Hinduism accepts change. It moves with time. It incorporates the finding of scientific world. But the mindset of majority of Hindus is not willing to change. This is because they want to be part of the crowd. They are ready to sacrifice their individuality to bask in the glory of honor and respect provided by the crowd.

To achieve something, you have to break away from the collective mind. You have to tread new path. All discoveries and inventions of the world are the result of the moving away from collective thinking.

A major problem in Hindu society is its caste system. Many people know that it is bad. But are unwilling to openly speak or work against it. These people want to be a part of the crowd.

Look at our films; rarely do we get a film which is refreshing. There is nothing new in our films. This is because most of the filmmakers are happy with carbon copies of earlier successful films. New film means rebelling with existing system.

Hinduism advocates individuality. It is against collective mind. It exhorts people to tread new paths to find truth. That is why it not controlled by a founder. That is why it does not have a central authority.