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Stop sacrificing animals in the open at Kalighat temple

A division bench of the Calcutta High Court has ordered to stop the animal sacrifice in front of the famous Kalighat temple in Kolkata. It is a shame that the court had to intervene to stop this awful practice. People resort to these medieval practices for pleasing god. No idea, which god will be pleased by such practices? These practices bring to shame to Hindu religion and the western media uses such practices to malign India and Hinduism.

The worst part is that even educated people participate in animal sacrifices. There is nothing much horrible than watching an animal being slaughtered in the public. Quite often these poor animals are transported in the most horrible manner. They are not fed properly and are left tied to poles for several days.

It is hard to change the mindset of the elderly people. But the youngsters should stop participating in such sacrifices. They should understand the true essence of Hinduism, which is the oneness of all that lives.

The court ruling will not stop animal sacrifice altogether. But at least it will not be done in public. The struggle by People for Animals (PFA) for banning the sacrifice of animals at Kalighat temple is highly commendable.