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Ants and Termites Turn Barren Land into Agricultural Land

Ants and termites are of great help to Nature. They help in decomposing waste materials, which in turn act as food for plants. They play a key role in maintaining the balance of our ecosystem.

A farmer near Chennai used the service of these tireless sentinels of nature to convert his barren land into agricultural land. Natesan, a farmer of Karanodai village, found it difficult to plough his land. This also made digging a well an impossibility. During monsoon, water used to get collected on the land. The land became parched during summer.

To prepare the land for agriculture, the farmer released ants, termites and earthworms. They burrowed into the hard land and made the soil porous. Rain water also seeped in through these holes.

How Natesan made his barren land productive can be found here.

Nature has answer to every problem. But unfortunately, we humans always look for shortcuts to make gains. This leads to the destruction of nature.