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How To Calculate Time of Birth of Baby in Hinduism?

Time of birth of baby in Hinduism is calculated based on three factors.
  • Baby appearing on earth.
  • Cutting of umbilical cord.
  • First cry of baby.
Among this child appearing on earth is not considered ideal by some astrologers as sometimes some babies enter the world feet first.

Cutting the umbilical cord is also rejected on the ground that it can be manipulated and sometimes the child may be still born.

First cry of child is considered the ideal time of birth of child in Hinduism as the child starts breathing in the world and confirms the first living state on earth. This gives more accurate horoscope results.

The time is calculated from the local sunrise. Kundali is prepared based on sunrise to birth time.
Astrologically, each birth time requires some corrections, or rectification of the birth chart. All standard classical astrological works describe it on the basis of moon’s epoch or on the basis of horary astrology or ruling planets.

The personal experience of the astrologer plays an important part in determining the exact time.