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When does a Hindu pray? - Pray Time of Hindus

I never knew when I started Hindu blog that I will have to answer questions like when does a Hindu pray or is their a Hindu Sunday or Friday or Shabbat? I got several mails asking questions like these. This shows that most people around the world are still ignorant about Hinduism.

There is no particular time for prayer in Hinduism. There are no compulsory obligations. You can still be a Hindu without praying.

But there are Hindus who make it a point to pray in the morning and evening. They light a lamp while praying. The lamp is a symbol. It leads a person from ignorance to knowledge. There are people who recite mantras, like the famous Gayatri Mantra, while praying.

Sunday Friday Shabbat of Hindus

There are Hindus who don’t visit temples. They don’t feel the need for any mediators. They pray in the mind or concentrate on any object.

There is no timeframe for prayer. Some people pray for a few seconds. There are others who spend hours praying.

Some Hindus pray based on the auspicious time as per panchang or regional calendar.

There is also no particular day for prayer. But Hinduism has several auspicious days.