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Skipping Sabarimala Ayyappa Vratam and Climbing the Sabarimala Mountain Can be Health Risky

Earlier Ayyappa devotees used to climb the Sabari Mountain and reach the abode of Swami Ayyappa after following the 41 day Mandala Vratam strictly. But nowadays most people do not observe the Vratam associated with the Sabarimala Ayyappa Temple – they just simply buy an Ayyappa Mala and go the temple next day. The 41-day Vratam was meant to prepare the devotee mentally and physically to under take the arduous trek. Ayyappa Temple Darshan period is from Mid November to Mid January.
Deccan Chronicle reports
Dr B. Padmakumar, associate professor of the Alappuzha TD Medical College, who has been on official duty in the hill shrine for the past 15 years, said that the insistence on a 41-day vratha before the pilgrimage was to ensure that the pilgrims were healthy enough to undertake the trek.
Unfortunately the number of devotees skipping this vratha was increasing year after year. “Many undertake the pilgrimage after wearing a chain made of beads the previous day and without observing any rigours,” said Dr Padmakumar.
"They are a high-risk group." Many such people face a cardiac risk. Another group faced complications arising out of asthma, diabetes, blood pressure, arthritis and other ailments. “It is very unfortunate to see that even patients with heart ailments and uncontrolled diabetes are climbing the hills without any precaution,” he said. 
The physician has asked these risk groups to carry their treatment details as well as medicines along with them during the journey. Asthma patients should carry inhalers. Diabetic patients may develop a condition known as hypoglycemia - lowering of blood glucose - while climbing the hills. Excess fatigue and excess sweating are the warning symptoms. They should immediately take some sweet food items or sugar for relief. 
“The most difficult stretches of the five km route from Pampa to Sannidhanam are the one-and-a-half km from Neelimala stretch and the 750-metre Appachimedu stretch,” he said. “Those who trek these areas without taking adequate preparations risk their health and life.”
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