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Sri Lakshminarasimha Temple at Kizhappavur near Tenkasi in Tamil Nadu

Sri Lakshminarasimha Swamy Temple at Kizhappavur near Tenkasi in Tamil Nadu is more than 1000 years old. It is believed that Vishnu appeared as Narasimha here. Legend has it that Saint Kashyapa, Sage Narada and Varuna, the sea god, wished to see the Narasimha avatar. Vishnu asked them to do penance on the banks of the Chitra River in the Podigai hills. He then appeared before them at Kizhappavur. A holy pond nearby the temple is known as Narasimha Tirtham.

The penance began and pleased with their dedication, Narasimha emerged in a ferocious form. The place is Kizhappavur where in the temple the deity is seen with 16 hands, Hiranyakasipu on his lap. He is called Ugranarasimhar and Prahladavaradar. At the deity’s feet in total surrender are Kadamba Maharishi, Prahlada, his mother Lilavati and the king of Kasi.

To cool the angry Narasimha appeared a pond, aptly called Narasimha Tirtham. There is a shrine for Sri Prasanna Venkatachalapaty with his Consorts Padmavati and Alarmelmangai. There is no statue of the latter. 
Location - Pavurchatiram, also known as Pandiya Ahobilam, is 37 km from Tirunelveli and 16 km from Tenkasi. Kizhappavur is located 2 km from Pavurchatiram, on way to Karandai. The temple is close to the bus stand.

How to go: All buses on the Tirunelveli-Tenkasi route pass Pavurchatiram, where pilgrims should alight and board a bus to Kizhappavur. Or take autorickshaws.

 Temple Timings: 7.30-10.30 a.m. and 5-7.30 p.m. For details contact 9442330643.