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Trilochan Mahadev – Shiva

Trilochan Mahadev is one among the numerous names of Hindu God Shiva. Trilochan Mahadev is Shiva with three eyes – the third eye is believed to be the source of all energy. It is said that Shiva opens his third eye when Adharma overpowers the world. He burns all Adharma and prepares the fertile ground for Dharma to prosper.

Legend has it that once Goddess Parvati in a playful mood covered the eyes of Shiva with her hands. Suddenly, there was darkness in the cosmos. The sun disappeared.

All living beings were perplexed – they began to pray to Shiva.

Shiva then opened his third eye and energy was released through the third eye. The sun appeared once again.

People cried out the name – Trilochan Mahadev – the three-eyed God.

There is belief that Shiva opens his third eye to destroy. This is a wrong statement as the words destroy, or destruction, is perceived negatively. What Shiva does is he removes Adharma which makes life of all living beings impossible. There is totally annihilation because Adharma has overpowered all. Even in this destruction, Dharma remains – it then starts the next cycle of creation with blessing of Trilochan Mahadev.