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How to Avoid Health Problems While Climbing to Sabarimala Ayyappa Temple?

Pada Balam Tha…Deha Balam Tha... (Ayyappa give strength to our feet and body to reach your abode) is a popular chant used by devotees climbing the hill to reach the Sabarimala Ayyappa Temple. Most modern day Ayyappa devotees who are not used to walking and doing physical work need all the blessings of Lord Ayyappa to reach his abode and return safely. Heart Attack is one of the most common health risks that pilgrims face while climbing the Sabarimala hill.

Here are few tips to Avoid Health Problems While Climbing to Sabarimala Ayyappa Temple

Devotees who have coronary heart disease should consult a doctor before deciding to climb the Sabarimala hill. It would be ideal, if all Ayyappa devotees aged above forty consult a doctor a week before starting the journey to Sabarimala Ayyappa Temple.

Unusual panting (breathing heavily) while climbing steps – this is a clear warning signal and such people should consult a doctor before deciding on the journey.

Only use boiled water. Majority of the diseases can be avoided by strictly using only boiled water or by carrying water from home.

Maximum Ayyappa devotees suffer stroke while climbing Nili Mala, the most strenuous part of the trek due the steep climb. There is a cardiac center on top of Nili Mala and devotees should immediately carry the person to the center.

People suffering from hypertension, diabetes, Asthma, fits and seizures, hyperglycemia, pulmonary edema, and other heart ailments should consult a doctor before the journey.

There is a medical camp at Pamba, the base camp before beginning the trekking, and devotees who have any sort of discomfort should undergo a check up before starting the trek.

While trekking, if you feel any discomfort like breathing problem, body pain or unusual sweating take immediate medical help.

Diabetic patients should take advice from their doctors before starting the Sabarimala Vratham and also regarding the precautions to be taken while climbing the hill.

People suffering from Asthma or other lung diseases should carry inhaler with them.

During windy days, the Manjal (Turmeric powder) and Kum Kum in air can cause irritation to eyes if you are in and around the Ayyappa Temple. Take precautions to avoid such situations.

Collect telephone numbers of police, information center and hospitals from Pamba before starting the trek.

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