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Amla Ekadasi in Orissa

Amla Ekadasi is observed during the Bhadrapad month in Orissa. Amla Ekadashi 2016 date is August 28. It is observed during the waning phase of moon or Krishna Paksha in Bhadra month. This Ekadasi is mainly observed in the Jagannath temples in Orissa.

In other parts of India, this Ekadasi is observed as Aja Ekadasi.

A similar Ekadasi, named Amalaki Ekadasi is observed in North and Western parts of India in Phalgun month (February - March).

Usual rules associated with Ekadasi fasting is observed on the day. Devotees visit Jagannath Temples to get blessings and attend the special rituals held on the day.

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