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Sri Krishna Jayanti Quotes – Swami Sivananda

Quotes on Sri Krishna Jayanti By Swami Sivananda.

Salutations to Narayana, the Primal Source of the world, to Hari, the singing of whose Name and the hearing of whose glories is of untold merit; salutations to Vasudeva-Krishna, the beautiful lotus-eyed!

The unique divine-personage of the charming Lord Sri Krishna is the glorious revelation to mankind, of the Eternal Absolute, in the greatest possible degree. Krishna is the ideal of perfection for all times. Even imagination has not been able to picture a more fully comprehensive, integrated, harmonised, balanced and well-adjusted personality than that of Sri Krishna. The greatest hero, the most illumined scholar, the wisest statesman, the ablest politician, the mightiest warrior, the Lord of Yoga and the most supreme seer of the age that Krishna was, He offered himself as the humblest servant of humanity. He dedicated his whole life for the complete uplift of the world, and he got nothing for himself! He possessed nothing of his own, even the site of his house was borrowed from the Varuna, and yet, he was the Master of the whole universe!

He, the simple cowherd-boy of the village, was a terror to the whole world of evil and injustice! He, the thief who stole away butter, delivered the immortal gospel of wisdom and referred to himself as the Goal, the sustainer, the Lord, the abode, the refuge, the benefactor, the origin, the dissolution and the seed imperishable of the entire universe and its inhabitants! All creatures come from Him and He pervades all of them. He remains intact in himself and pervades the whole universe with only a fraction of his Being. The Supreme God in the form of Sri Krishna spoke to the whole world of humanity through Arjuna on the eternal mysteries of existence.

To understand Krishna and His gospel fully is not possible with limited interests. Man sees things, not as they are, but as he is. Every individual is shut up within his own experience and knows nothing beyond him. This is why superhuman beings like Krishna and immortal laws like the Gita are misunderstood or rather not understood at all.

Krishna’s incarnation was to goad man to be perfect, to be wise and powerful like himself, to be the towering example of a person with unbroken self-consciousness. Even the mere remembrance of such a blessed being like Krishna is, therefore, an immediate redeemer from all troubles, the bestower of bliss and peace, for it excites a vibration of integration and harmony in the mind. Krishna’s glorious deeds are to create in all an irresistible urge to become pure and strong, wise and powerful, blessed and immortal!

Swami Sivananda
Source – An article published in the August 2007 edition of Divine life – E-magazine.
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