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Gomutra Benefits – Cow Urine as a Spiritual Healing Remedy

Gomutra, Cow Urine, is traditionally used in Ayurveda. It is widely used in Hindu tradition for various religious and medicinal purposes. Spiritual Science Research Foundation (SSRF), a non-profit organization registered in Australia and United States, has published an article based on their scientific findings on Gomutra, its mechanism of action and how to use it as a spiritual healing remedy.
Spiritual Science Research Foundation Writes
Gomutra, though it is inanimate, has the ability to attract Divine Consciousness (Chaitanya) which in turn creates an increase in the sattva component and therefore facilitates spiritual healing. One may question, why an Indian cow’s urine has such a special healing ability. Just as water has the innate property to cleanse and fire to burn, the Indian cow is the only animal which has the ability to attract the frequencies of all the deities in the universe. As a result, any discharges or by-products such as milk, Gomutra (cow’s urine) and cow dung inherits these frequencies and is considered sattvik. The Indian cow’s urine has the ability to attract up to 5% of the frequencies of all the deities in the universe.