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Pushpuck – Online Comic Book Based on the Forgotten Tales from Hindu Tradition

Pushpuck, or Pushpaka Vimana, is the legendary aircraft used by Ravana in Ramayana and later Sri Ram arrived in Ayodhya on it after defeating Ravana. Umesh Shukla, an animator involved with animated storytelling in Hollywood, has released an online comic book titled Pushpuck – the first tale in the series narrates story of a young boy Tarak and his sister – who gave Sri Ram the most wonderful welcome on his return to Ayodhya. Of course, Pushpaka Vimana is also part of the story.
About Pushpuck by Umesh Shukla
Valmiki and Tulsidas describe Pushpuck as a plane that flies faster than thoughts. Pushpuck to me represents all the dreams and imaginings that I grew up with. My imagination had no superman or Spiderman in it, instead it had characters and stories that my mother and grandmother told me. Every festival, my mother asked me to be the token Brahman as I performed the puja and read the stories associated with each of the festivals from a book. These stories have remained within me since. As I got involved with animated story telling in Hollywood, I have felt compelled to tell stories that are rooted in our culture and values. These stories are my attempt to connect to the India I know. They represent an India that I would like to share with my children, an India that I would like to keep living and breathing within me forever.
Tarak is the first in the forgotten tale series. The next two will be released shortly. After these I plan to release a series that is already in works.
The first comic in the Pushpuck series is titled Tarak and you can read it for free online.