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Blog – Dharma Deen Alliance - A devout Hindu exploring Dharma – a devout Muslim exploring Deen

The word ‘dharma’ is Sanskrit and ‘deen’ Arabic. Both can be loosely defined as ‘righteousness’ or ‘spiritual path’. The blog titled Dharmadeen is the coming together of Ravi, a devout Hindu, and Azeem, a devout Muslim, to explore paths to Higher Truth, scriptural law, proper living, and devotional love. The writers also aim to counter the misconception that Hinduism and Islam can’t co-exist together.
Although in its infant stage, the blog has put up a couple of noteworthy articles that explores some common aspects in Hinduism and Islam like fasting.
You can read Dharma Deen here.
Note – there is no exact word to define ‘Dharma’ in English.
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