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10 Million Rupees Decoration for Temple Deity

The deity of the famous Muthumariamman temple at Kattur in Coimbatore, Tamil Nadu was decorated with ornaments and cash worth Rupees 10 million for the Tamil New Year. Goddess Muthumariamman was decorated as Dhanalakshmi (Goddess of wealth).

The Hindu reports

Setting the background with currency notes in the denomination of Rs.1000, currency notes of Rs.500 and Rs.100 were placed under the foot and two sides of the idol, as part of the decoration, all worth about Rupees 4 million, temple authorities claimed.

Besides this, the idol was adorned with gold and diamond ornaments worth over Rupees 6 million.

It is good to hear that the Goddess was able to attract such huge wealth, and the Goddess will be even more pleased if the wealth will be utilized to help her poor devotees. The Goddess will attract even more wealth when her poor devotees can lead a better life.