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Story Of Offering Prayers For 24 Minutes At Yoga Narasimhar Temple Sholingur

The Yoga Narasimhar Temple at Sholingur, one of the 108 Divya Desams, is revered for its deities Lord Yoga Narasimha and Sri Yoga Anjaneya Swamy. This temple holds a unique significance for devotees, as it is believed that continuous prayer for 24 minutes can lead to the redemption of sins.

Historical Significance

The ancient town of Sholingur was originally known as Thirukkadigai or Ghatikachalam. The name Ghatikachalam is derived from two Sanskrit words: "Ghatika," meaning a span of time, and "Achalam," meaning a hill that is immovable. This nomenclature underscores the temporal and spiritual importance of the location.

Mythological Background

The temple is steeped in mythology, particularly revolving around Lord Narasimha, an avatar of Vishnu. According to legend, Lord Narasimha appeared to Prahlada Maharaj and the Sapta Rishis (seven sages) in this sacred place and granted them moksha (liberation) within a brief span of time. It is believed that this divine darshan lasted for exactly 24 minutes, a period during which intense devotion and prayer could absolve one of all sins.

Significance of 24 Minutes

The concept of praying for 24 minutes is deeply rooted in the temple's lore. Devotees believe that offering prayers non-stop for this specific duration will result in the washing away of sins. This belief is linked to the divine episode where Lord Narasimha blessed the Sapta Rishis during their penance for exactly 24 minutes.

Alternate Historical Account

Another significant narrative involves Sage Vishwamitra, who performed rigorous tapasya (penance) at various locations over an extended period. Despite his prolonged efforts, he could not achieve the status of a brahma-rishi. However, when he arrived at this temple and meditated for just 24 minutes (equivalent to one kadigai), Lord Narasimha blessed him, elevating his spiritual status. Inspired by this, the Sapta Rishis also conducted their penance at the same spot.

Devotional Practice

Following these historical and mythological precedents, devotees today come to the Yoga Narasimhar Temple with the faith that 24 minutes of uninterrupted prayer can purify their souls. This practice reflects the temple's profound spiritual heritage and its continuing significance as a place of divine intervention and grace.

The Yoga Narasimhar Temple at Sholingur, with its rich history and spiritual legacy, continues to be a beacon of faith for devotees seeking divine blessings and redemption. The tradition of offering prayers for 24 minutes is a testament to the temple's enduring belief in the transformative power of sincere devotion.