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Nanne Choda Author Of Kumarasambhava

Nanne Choda is a notable Shaiva poet recognized for his composition "Kumarasambhava," a lengthy poem that narrates the birth of the God Kumara (Karttikeya) and his epic battle with the asura Taraka. While this poem bears some resemblance to Kalidasa’s renowned work of the same name, Nanne Choda distinguishes his narrative by incorporating elements from various sources and crafting unique episodes in his own style.

Nanne Choda hailed from the illustrious dynasty of the Velanati Chola kings, a lineage that wielded significant influence in their era. He was born to Srisati and Chodaballi, and he received spiritual and literary guidance from his mentor, Jangama Mallikarjuna. The precise period of Nanne Choda’s life is a subject of scholarly debate. While the majority of historians place him in the twelfth century, there is a faction that contends he may have lived even earlier, before the time of Nannaya, who flourished in the eleventh century.

Nanne Choda's contributions to literature, particularly within the Shaiva tradition, reflect a rich tapestry of mythological and cultural narratives, underscoring his importance in the annals of South Indian literary heritage. His work not only celebrates divine exploits but also exemplifies the vibrant poetic traditions that flourished under the patronage of the Velanati Chola dynasty.