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Meet Mata Bhakti Priyananda who leads a Solitary Life at the Origin of River Ganga

Mata Bhakti Priyananda, or Bhakti Priya, lives in a cave at Tapovan meadow (more than 13500 feet) near Gangotri Glacier, the origin of River Ganga. She is 51 and has a Master's Degree in Special Education from Northern Illinois State University. And her religion is peace. She worships a god who, she believes, created this wonderful Nature.

David's Journal from India in pbs.org talks about Mata Bhakti Priyananda, who lives at Tapovan meadow, a destination beyond source of River Ganges and reaching the place is torturous with vertical climbs.

Mata Bhakti Priyananda shares her experience at the Tapovan Meadow and also talks about global warming and other issues affecting the area.

But what is she doing is doing in a cave faraway from civilization, friends and families. The article does not give a direct answer. Real quest for inner peace and search for truth often takes daring human beings to places where many are scared to go or only dream to go.

You can read about this unique women and her experience here at David's Journal from India in pbs.org.

(The photograph is by John Siceloff and is published in pbs.org and is copyrighted to the authors of the journal.)

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