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New Book – This IS No Secret – Explores the Wisdom of Mystics and Saints of India

The book ‘This is No Secret’- Path to Abundance and Heart Awakening by Joy Kapur claims that contains the essence of the wisdom of India’s ancient seers. It will give you insights and show you how to create abundance from anywhere, anytime and at any age. ‘This Is No Secret’ is an E-book in a downloadable PDF format. So, is it yet another book on the long list of books dealing with self-improvement, goal setting, positive thinking and wealth generating?

Here is what the author says about the book

The ancient Vedic seers believed that heart is the seat of consciousness and how it holds the key to manifesting your destiny. Heart is the most powerful antenna that receives and emits powerful vibrations known to the modern day scientist as the electro-magnetic field of the heart and how it is interconnected to world around us and its role in the interconnectedness to non-physical realm of mind, psyche and consciousness.

This is not my knowledge. I became a conduit in the hands of an unseen power. This book wrote itself out. This was handed out to me in spells that lasted many days and weeks and sometimes 10 hours at a stretch. It has changed my life in ways I cannot tell you in words. I hope it changes yours. I realized that I will be too selfish on my part to hold this knowledge in my hands only.

This book contains the secrets, given out more than 3000 years ago by the mystics and saints of India.

This book is not about meaningless rituals and dead traditions of the past.

What is striking is Joy Kapur’s concern for nature and which has prompted him to publish the book as e-book. A hard copy version is also available for libraries. The e-book is priced at $14.95.

A passage from the book

The dreams, aspirations and goals dear to your heart determine what you are and what you can be. The heart’s morph genetic field attracts what you secretly hold, what you love or hate. Be careful what you desire…heart has the power to manifest anything you passionately desire from the purity of it.
The universe gives back what you put in…it is the direct mirrored results of your consciousness.
In every human heart, like a clock, there is a pulse beating without any interruption. In every human heart there is a beat, there is a key, there is a tune, there is a song waiting to be sung. Know your song, find your music, turn on the key, sing your own tune and go with the flow and find your bliss by becoming one with it.

This Is No Secret
Joy Kapur
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