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Automatic Drum and Bell Ringing Machine for Hindu Temples

The automatic drumming and bell ringing machines made exclusively for Hindu temples by RKS Metal Screens based in Coimbatore is today used in over thousands of temples around the world. The idea of the automatic drum and bell is the brainchild of Krushnaswami, the owner of RKS Metal Screens, who produced the first machine in 1980.

Samanth Subramanian writes about the automatic drum and bell in Livemint

The simple machine consists of a metal frame with two bells, two cymbals, and a large drum. When switched on, a motor kicks clappers and drumsticks into operation. In perfect rhythm, the clappers ring on the bells and cymbals, and the drumsticks mark out a background tattoo.

RKS Metal Screens sells around 300 units a month, many for export to Singapore, Indonesia, Canada, the UK and the US.

It is in India, however, that the RKS auto drum bell has truly found fame. Despite competitors having sprung up over the last few years, the auto drum bell of choice remains RKS – ‘partly because ours was the first, and people have come to rely on us.’