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Sankatahara Ganesha

Sankatahara Ganesha, or Sangadahara Ganapati, is one among the 32 forms of Lord Ganesh. As the name indicates, he is the remover of sorrows – ‘Sankata hara’. In this form Ganesha is shown as seated on a red lotus and his Shakti (female energy) sits on his lap. Ganesha and Shakti together are depicted in Tantric form of worship.

The complexion of Sankatahara Ganesha is that of the rising sun and is shown wearing blue color dress. He has four arms and holds a goad, another a noose, a bowl of sweet milk and the right hand is in boon giving posture.

Sankatahara Ganesh is shown as a celibate in non-Tantric forms.
The female energy or Shakti that is depicted is green in color and holds a blue flower.
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