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Ancient Hindu Temple Excavated in Jaljali Village in Assam

The people in Jaljali Village near Mangaldai Town in Assam always believed that the pond (Jaljali tank) in their village was holy. Villagers always equated the water in the pond to that of Ganga. And recently when the pond was cleaned, out came idols and sculptures of a Vishnu and Shiva temple.

Villagers are elated at the discovery as it confirms their age-old belief regarding the sanctity of the Jaljali tank. They have started worshipping the idols. In fact, the village is already being frequented by thousands of people from nearby districts.

Archeologists are of the view that the temples relics are dated to 10th or 11th century AD. It is being concluded that an earthquake might have destroyed the temple and buried it. The temple bears the stamp of the Indo Aryan style of architecture and was lying for centuries under water.

Presently, there is a functional temple on the western banks of the Jaljali tank. The recently excavated idols and sculptures are placed here – importantly idols of Vishnu, a Shivaling and a stone with footprint.

Jaljali Village is around 10 km from Mangaldai Town.