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Hanuman Comic from Virgin Comics and Deepak Chopra

Comic Book based on Hanuman is the March 2008 edition in the India Authentic Series presented by Deepak Chopra and Virgin Comics. This is the 11th book in the India Authentic Series based on Hindu Gods.

The previous editions of India Authentic series from Virgin comics have been noted for its high quality illustrations.

About comic based on Hanuman from the flyer from Virgin comics.

A mere mention of his name is said to put fear in the hearts of the mightiest demons. It is said that the chant of his name protects one from the vilest of evil spirits. He is god unlike any other. Born with the body of an ape, but a heart as large as hundred suns, blessed with the strength to move mountains, leap across oceans and fly faster than the swiftest of birds.

From the pages of the great Indian epic Ramayana, Virgin Comics and Deepak Chopra as part of the pathbreaking India Authentic series, bring to you the tale of a god who is both a scholar and warrior, one whose name is synonymous with devotion and humility. This is the legend of mighty Hanuman, son of the wind, slayer of demons and devoted all of Rama, the warrior prince.

The book is written by Saurav Mohapatra and is expected to be released on March 26, 2008.

The character of Hanuman is being widely exploited by the animation and entertainment industry. Sadly, Hanuman the epitome of loyalty, devotion, selfless service and Hanuman the scholar is relegated or forgotten and Hanuman the warrior is more advertised.