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Universal Society of Hinduism

Few days back several online newspapers carried a report about the formation of an organization named ‘Universal Society of Hinduism’ (USH). The President of the society is the Nevada-based Hindu priest Rajan Zed, who came into limelight by delivering open prayers in various state assemblies and the Senate. The executive director of the society is Journalist Dharam Loonaa.

The newspaper reports said the organization aims to provide worldwide Hindu identity, enhance understanding of Hinduism, to foster inter-religious dialogue and to promote the ethics, spirit, culture and philosophy of Hindu heritage.

But the formation of the organization was not reported by any prominent newspapers. Neither was I able to locate the website of the organization. I guess the organization is in its infancy.

But yesterday some of the major newspapers and television channels did report that the Universal Society of Hinduism has expressed fear that the upcoming Hollywood movie ‘The Love Guru’ may lampoon the religion and has demanded that it be shown to the society members for vetting before release.

I guess this is the first major campaign of the society in protecting Hindu identity.