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Jyeshta Gauri Avahana 2017 Date – Gowri Puja in Maharashtra

Jyeshta Gauri Avahana is held on the first day of Jyeshta Gowri Puja in Maharashtra. Jyeshta Gauri Avahana 2017 date is August 28. This Gowri Puja is held on the third day during the 10-day Ganesh Chaturthi puja. A special idol of Jyeshta Gauri is installed along with Lord Ganesh idol. Avahan puja is on August 28. 

Jyeshta Gauri Puja is on August 29, 2017 and Jyeshta Gauri Visarjan is on August 30.

Jyeshta Gauri who comes in search of Lord Ganesh is believed to bring in auspiciousness and prosperity. Jyeshta Gauri Avahana involves bringing of two idols of Ganesha and special pujas are performed on the day to welcome Gowri.

The puja is held on the next day. Special decorations are done and women invite neighbors to participate in the puja. Haldi Kum Kum ceremony is an important event on the day.

You can get more details of the three-day Jyeshta Gauri Puja in this article.

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