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Rambha Tritiya 2024 Date - Benefits of Rambha Teej Vrat - Mantra - How to do Puja on Rambha Tritiya?

Rambha Tritiya, or Rambha Teej Vrat, is observed mainly in North India on the third day of the Shukla Paksha (waxing phase of moon) in the month of Jyeshta (May – June). In 2024, the date of Rambha Tritiya is June 9. The day is dedicated to the Apsara Rambha who had emerged from the ocean during the famous Samudra Manthan – Churning of ocean. She is worshipped on the day by women of some Hindu communities in North India.

Rambha, the Apsara, who symbolically represents womanly loveliness and amiability, is one of the 14 gems that came out from the ocean during Samudra Manthan or Churning of Ocean.

In some regions, Rambha Tritiya is equated with the worship of Goddess Lakshmi. She is propitiated by offering wheat, grain and flowers. The beauty aspect of the goddess is that is worshipped on the day.

In some regions prayers are also offered to Mata Sati.

Rambha Tritiya Mantra - Benefits - Puja

Rambha Mantra

रं रं। रम्भा रं रं देवी 
Rm Rm Rambha Rm Rm Devi

Benefits of Offering Puja and Worship of Rambha

It is believed that offering puja and worship to Rambha will help in getting rid of even the worst diseases.
Worship of her will help in remain young and healthy. They will look much younger than their age.
People who have the blessing of Rambha will be attractive, beautiful, handsome and will be able win over people easily.
The person will achieve desire fulfillment.
The person will be able to marry the person of his/her choice.
Some tantrics worship her to learn techniques that will help them in hypnotizing other people.

When to Perform Rambha Puja

Shukla Paksha Tritiya Tithi - the third day during the waxing phase of moon.
The most ideal day is the Jyeshtha Shukla Paksha Tritiya Tithi.

How to Perform Rambha Puja?

  • The puja should be performed facing east looking at the rising sun.
  • First prayers are to be offered to Ganesha in the mind.
  • Water should be offered to Surya.
  • The puja in the home should also be performed facing east
  • A lamp should be lit in the puja room using cow ghee.
  • The offering should include uncooked wheat, red flowers and a seasonal fruit.
  • Another unique offering on the day is 24 black bangles.
  • Some people also keep payal (anklets), wig, red color worn on feet and hand by women (Aalta) and other beauty products. These are kept on the entire day and removed next day morning and used.
  • The Rambha Mantra is to be chanted 108 times.