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Chakkuvally Parabrahma Temple In Kollam – Kerala

Chakkuvally Parabrahma temple is located at Porumvazhi village. The main deity Shiva in the temple is worshipped as Parabrahma. It is also believed that the murti is a combined form of Shiva and Valli (who is considered to be the sister of Shiva).

The main prathishta is under a Peepal tree. Shiva faces east and Valli faces west.

Chakkuvally Parabrahma Temple In Kollam – Kerala

The main temple in the festival is observed on Vrischikam 30. Earlier Chirappu was observed from Vrischikam 1 to Vrischikam 12. An important festival with Kettukazhcha is observed 28th day of Onam – 28 days after Thiruvonam.

It is said that initially the murtis in temple was Shakti and Valli. Shakti was colloquially called chakki and the place was then called Chakkivalli and later became Chakkuvally.

The belief is that the temple is located on one among 18 padanilams of Kayamkulam. king.

It is said that to destroy the enemies, Kadampanad Naduvazhi installed Aghora Shiva in Chakkuvally Padanilam. As a solution to this, Sooranadu Naduvazhi installed Valli in the spot opposite where Shiva will have darshan of His sister.

The temple earlier belonged to 18 karas and the shrine had 18 acres of land and a big pond.