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Sukaramukham Hell – Reserved For Bad Rulers And Authorities

Details regarding Hells in Hinduism are found in the Puranas especially the Garuda Purana. Sukaramukham Hell is mainly used to punish kings, rulers and people who hold authority. In the Sukaramukham Hell, people are bound with ropes by attendants of Yama and beaten to pulp until they faint. After they recover their senses, the beating is repeated. Those who try to escape are bound and pushed again into the hell. This concept of heaven and hell in Hindu tradition is based on Puranas. Such stories and incidents in Puranas are meant to keep human beings disciplined on earth. Upanishads state that hell and heaven are on earth and lucky are those who realize the true self and attain bliss here.  Vedas do not have the concept of hell.

Bhitargaon Temple near Kanpur

Located at Bhitargaon around 50 km from Kanpur in Uttar Pradesh, Bhitargaon Temple is a 5 th century AD Hindu shrine. The shrine is one of the earliest terracotta structures and is entirely built using brick. The main sanctum sanctorum is no longer in use. The temple is famous for its terracotta sculptures. The present day structure is largely a reconstruction. The top quarter portion of the present day Shikhara is incomplete as there is no unanimity as to how the ancient structure looked like. The original structure collapsed in a lightning in 1878. The temple is famous for its terracotta figures especially that of Shiva-Gajari, Ganesha, Shiva-Parvati, Vishnu annihilating Madhu-Kaitaba, Durga killing Shubha – Nishumbha, Krishna Balarama, Varaha, Vishnu, Gaja Lakshmi, Ganga and Yamuna. The spire, though damaged shows a stepped pyramidal design and staggered ornamentation with crescent topped niches depicting Krishna Lila scenes, Ravana begging alms from sita and Nara Naraya