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Story of Draupadi Making Fun of Duryodhana in Indraprastha

Story of Draupadi making fun of Duryodhana in Indraprastha is an important incident in the Mahabharata. Indraprastha is the magical palace of the Pandavas. It was built by Maya. All the kings were invited for the coronation of Yudhishtira. Duryodhana went around the city and he was filled with envy.

As Duryodhana was admiring the palace and staring at its roof, he fell into a pond. Draupadi who happened to notice this laughed at Duryodhana and made the comment – blind son of blind parents.

Duryodhana did not take the insult lightly. He swore that he would one day avenge the insult.

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