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Inner Wisdom – B K Jayanti

We are unaware of the tremendous energy that we have within our own beings.

We allow our mind to be distracted by all the things that are outside us. We don’t generally acknowledge that the soul itself is the creator of its own thoughts, its own feelings and even its own personality.

Our life is usually based on a series of reactions to everything that is happening to us from the external world of stimuli.

Through a very simple practice of turning your mind inward and being able to direct your thoughts, you become able to become your own creator and discover the knowledge within you.

In meditation, you become aware that your soul is a separate entity from the physical body – you become aware of it as a point of light. This enables you to change the image you have of yourself, and have the awareness of your eternal image. The more you do this, the more you will find that your whole life is filled with light and peace. These characteristics of the soul then start to express themselves in your thoughts, words and actions, your behavior and your life. This is a very easy transformation; it requires no struggle, no conflict, no battle, simply a natural, smooth transition.

- Sister B K Jayanti of Brahma Kumaris

SourceAwaken Your Inner Wisdom By Sister Jayanti