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Clay Sculptures Associated With Wish Fulfillment at Shree Sadashiva Rudra Temple at Ujire in Karnataka

Shree Sadashiva Rudra Temple at Ujire in Karnataka is a famous Shiva Temple. What makes the temple unique is the offerings made here by devotees. A clay sculpture associated with the wish is offered to the deity before and after wish fulfillment. The clay offerings symbolize the never ending materialistic desires of human beings.

For example if a person want to get a job then he/she offers clay sculptures of chair and table, for curing eye ailments sculpture of an eye is offered, for begetting children it is cradle, those wishing a car offer the sculpture of a car etc. One can see a whole lot of different mud sculptures the temple.

The sheer number of clay sculptures in the temple gives an indication of the desire fulfillment that had taken place after offering prayers here.

The offerings are usually made on Mondays along with a coconut and kilogram of rice.

All the offerings are placed in a circular shaped pile near the temple.

The shrine is located at Surya and is around 6 km from Ujire and 15 km from Dharmasthala.