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Kalika Vrat – Fasting Associated with Goddess Kali

Kalika Vrata is a fasting associated with Goddess Kali. Kalika is also one among the numerous names of Goddess Kali. This vrat and chanting of the name of Goddess Kali together is known as Kalika Vrata.

The vrat is observed in the Ashwin Month (October – November).

The main rituals are observed on the eighth day during the Shukla Paksha or waxing phase of moon in Ashwin month. This is also the eighth day of the Navratri Vrat.

A devotee must worship the form of Kali with eighteen hands.

In Kalika Vrat, Goddess is worshipped along with her weapons.

Apart from fasting from sunrise to next day before sunrise, a devotee also should stay awake throughout the night on Ashtami day.

Red color flowers are offered to Goddess Kali.

Devotees undertaking the fasting can consume water, fruits and other vrat foods. Salt is avoided.
Puja is performed at night.

Fasting is only kept on Ashtami day but puja is performed from Ashtami day up to Diwali Amavasya.