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Widows in Vrindavan Play Holi – Welcome Change Initiated by Sulabh International

A larger number of widows from various parts of North and Eastern parts of India  today live in Braj near Vrindavan – a minority of them voluntarily arrive to live in the ashrams here but majority of them are forced to leave their villages and families and live in Braj without any economic support from the family. The stay away from festivities of all kind. But this Holi, the widows of Vrindavan played Holi - threw flowers at each other and played with gulal. Thanks to the much needed change initiated by Sulabh International Times of India reports These widows of the holy town — tragic icons of institutionalized oppression against women — have been observing Holi for decades. But it had always been a quiet affair, within the confines of their ashrams. They would enact scenes from Krishna 's 'Raas leela', shower each other with flowers and occasionally use a bit of gulal. "We would watch men and women play Holi from the windows of our ashram. The celebrations of

Rama Gita Quotes

A collection of quotes from Rama Gita For the purpose of warding off this course of worldly life, removal of ignorance is the only means. Knowledge alone is capable of destroying this ignorance. When that knowledge which destroys the notion of separation of the Supreme Self from the embodied self arises in the purified internal organ, then Maya together with its offshoots, which give rise to birth, rebirth and action (karma), forthwith disappears. When it has been destroyed by realized knowledge which is pure and without duality, how shall ignorance ever again arise? The self never dies nor is born, nor is it subject to increase or decrease. It is never new (or old), beyond all additions to its greatness, of the nature of bliss itself, self-illumined, all pervading and without a second. Rama Gita Explanation For the purpose of warding off this ... this ignorance. This quote from Rama Gita delves into the theme of spiritual enlightenment and the pursuit of knowledge as