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Vadakkupurathu Pattu Festival 2013 – Held once in 12 Years at the famous Vaikom Mahadeva temple in Kerala

Vadakkupurathu Pattu Festival, dedicated to Goddess Shakti, is a series of pujas and rituals held for social welfare once in 12 years at the famous Vaikom Mahadeva Temple in Kerala. In 2013, Vadakkupurathu Pattu Festival will be held from April 13 to 24. The 12-day long pujas attract devotees from several parts of Kerala, India and the world.

A major attraction at Vadakkupurathu Pattu is the creation of an image of Goddess Shakti in the traditional Kalamezhuthu style. The image created on the ground will change on each day and will depict various forms and moods of Goddess Shakti.

The image of Goddess Shakti (known as Bhagavathi in Kerala) is created on the ground. Five natural colors are used in making the image on the ground at the huge northern courtyard of the temple. Grounded grains, turmeric and flower petals are used to make the powder used in drawing the image of the Bhagavathi.

Legend has it that the people in the area were once troubled by various epidemics including small pox. The ruler of the region then conducted the Vadakkupurathu Pattu festival to appease the Goddess and bring peace and prosperity to the region. Goddess blessed the region and the area prospered as there was no outbreak of epidemics.

People now conduct the 12-day ritual for peace, social welfare and prosperity.