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Sade Sati Solution and Prayers

Sade Sati is the bad positioning of Shani Bhagavan in an individual's horoscope. It is followed by those who believe in astrology. The best and ideal solution for Sade Sati is worship of Hanuman and Shani Bhagavan on Saturdays.

Prayers - You can read Sunderkand from Ramayana or chant Hanuman Chalisa on all days.

Fast on Saturday from sunrise to sunset. Offer prayers to Hanuman and Shani Bhagavan.

You can also do food donation to poor children and elderly people once in a year.

Sade Sati is not really a bad period but it is an opportunity for you to work hard and be more determined. It also gives you an opportunity to take a look at life in a balanced way.

Many people who were just doing normal have become highly successful during Sade Sati period as they put extra effort during the period.