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Sri Sri Ravishankar – Wise Words

A collection of wise words and wisdom of Sri Sri Ravishankar

The whole creation is made up of nature, and distortion of nature - Prakriti and Vikriti. Anger is not our nature; it is distortion of our nature. Jealousy is not our nature; it is distortion of our nature. You know why anger, greed, jealousy, lust, etc are impure? It is because they do not allow the Self to shine through.

Sin is that which does not bring the spirit inside to shine forth fully. Sin is not your nature; you are not born out of sin. Sin is like wrinkles in the cloth, it needs proper ironing.

You know why lust is a sin? Because in lust you do not consider the other person as life, you do not honor the life, instead you use them like an object. You make them an object of your enjoyment so you are somewhere over-shadowing or not looking at the Self in the other person. This is the only reason why lust is sinful.

Love is the reverse of it. In love there is surrender, you see the other person as Divine. You elevate the matter into the level of spirit. For example, you worship an idol - a stone, it is matter. When you are worshipping the idol, it becomes a living reality. You are giving life to it. You elevate it to the level of God. This is moving towards perfection.
Sri Sri Ravishankar