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Website Dedicated to Sant Tukaram – Abhangas and Biography in Indian and Foreign Languages

The 17th century saint-poet Sant Tukaram Maharaj is one of the greatest poets in Marathi language and one of the greatest saints of the Bhakti Cult in Maharashtra. The multilingual website currently has poems of Tukaram Maharaj and articles related to Tukaram Maharaj in 13 Indian languages and nine foreign languages.

The website (Tukaram.com) has biography and poems of Tukaram Maharaj in Marathi, English, Hindi, Bengali, Sindhi, Gujarati, Konkani, Sanskrit, Odiya, Kannada, Telugu, Malayalam and Tamil.

And the foreign languages include French, German, Russian, Spanish, Esperanto, Dutch, Lithuanian and Argentina.

You can find more details about the website here.