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Book: The Hidden Oracle of India: The Mystery of Naadi Palm Leaf Readers

In the book titled ‘The Hidden Oracle of India: The Mystery of India’s Naadi Palm Leaf Readers,’ the authors, Andrew and Angela Donovan, narrates their first time encounter and experience with the Naadi palm leaf readers of Tamil Nadu. Naadi palm leaf readers is said to accurately read the details of the lives of people which has been written down on palm leaves thousands of years ago. It is also referred as the Naadi Astrology.

The popular belief is that the Naadi palm leaf containing past, present and future of living beings were compiled by Sages like Agastya, Bhrugu, Vasishta, Shukra and other saints. What is interesting in this form of astrology is that a compilation contains future of all human beings born or yet to be born.

Some are of the view that the palm leaf were compiled by Lord Shiva and passed on to the Sapta Rishis.

Naadi is a collective name given to the supposed palm-leaf manuscripts written by ancient sages. These Naadi Granthas are in the custody of scholars and astrologers and it is believed to have been collected from various parts of India, Sri Lanka and Nepal.

The authors’ of the book ‘The Hidden Oracle of India,’ Andrew and Angela Donovan, claim that their lives were transformed once they had the palm leaves read.

The flyer of the book says

If someone said they could read your life's past, present and future from ancient Sanskrit inscriptions written on an old palm leaf in a country you've never been to, would you be skeptical?

Well Andrew was at least; to him it was impossible. Until he found out otherwise.

What is it like to learn that your soul's DNA and true destiny have all been set down in every significant detail on just such a leaf, one that relates to you and to you alone? And for it then to tell you of the 'sins' you're still carrying and how to purge them. And finally to learn what your Future holds.

This is the authors' revelatory account of what began through sheer synchronicity yet ended up changing their lives forever. Nothing prepared Andrew for what the Naadi holy men had in store for him.

Please note that there are many people who believe that Naadi palm leaf reading is hocus-pocus and is meant to trick people who are always on the look out for future predictions.

The Hidden Oracle of India
Authors: Andrew and Angela Donovan
Publisher: Orient Paperbacks
Price: 195/-