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Book: Tantraloka by Abinavagupta – English Translation Project

Tantraloka of Abhinavagupta is a 10th century AD spiritual and literary work presenting the philosophy, religion and yogic sadhana of the non-dual Saiva Agama traditions. A great spiritual literary work in the ‘Shaiva Agamas’ tradition, Tantraloka is composed by Shaiva Acharya Abhinavagupta.

Shaiva Agamas are spiritual texts dedicated to Lord Shiva and it identifies Lord Shiva as the supreme. There are 28 Saiva Siddhanta Agamas and is the basis of Kashmir Shaivism and the Shiva tradition in South India.

Tantraloka has thirty seven chapters which is sort of an encyclopedia of Oriental tradition. Veer Shaiva of Basava has the famous ritual ‘Lingodhar Diksha’ derived from this book. Similarly, Shaiva Siddhanta of Tamil saints has the philosophical basis, many of them are expounded in this book.

Presently there is no English Translation of the Tantraloka available claims Virendra Qazi, Chairman of Lalleshwari International Trust. Only an elaborate translation of Tantraloka has been done into Italian by Gnalio.

Virendra Qazi Says

It will be a great achievement to translate it into English and other languages. In fact, recently my students from Poland told me many scholars in their country are learning Italian so that they can read the translation of Tantraloka.

For this work support of both scholars and practitioners is required. Luckily, still we have some rare scholars who have practical experience in agamas. They can be persuaded to supervise the work so that the subtle meaning and essence is retained in the translation and conveyed to discerning people.

We seek everybody’s blessings for this unique endeavor. Such a great work is only possible by guidance of discerning scholars. We have no doubt followers of Sanatan Dharma will be greatly benefited by this initiative.

If you are interested in the project then you can contact Virendra Qazi

C-2 / 2284, Vasant Kunj,
New Delhi
– 110070 (India)