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British Woman who could not get pregnant had a baby after Darshan of Lord Shiva

After chemotherapy treatment for breast cancer, Clare McVerry was told she would never get pregnant but had a baby after visiting Lord Shiva in India. Clare who is from Sutton Coldfield in United Kingdom says, ‘After I saw Shiva I was filled with a powerful feeling.’

Emma Morton writes in The Sun

Clare McVerry saw the statue of Shiva — also the god of love — on a holiday to India with partner Tony Clarke. A week later she was pregnant.

Clare, 41, had breast cancer in her 30s and needed chemotherapy which docs said had left her infertile.

And she has a weak spine after a car crash in her 20s, so medics said it was impossible for her to carry a child.

Doctors say it is a miracle she is a now mum to son Mitchell.

Mitchell was born in December 2007, a healthy 7lb 10oz.

Clare said: “It was the most amazing moment to hold him in my arms. “When Mitchell grows up I will tell him how special the statue of Lord Shiva turned out to be.”

Clare’s consultant Dr Simon Bowman said: “He really is a miracle baby. “But we can’t prescribe visiting a fertility god on the NHS.”

Shiva is Shankara, the benevolent and kind god, and he is Purusha, the cosmic spirit.

Many Hindus might raise an eyebrow at calling Shiva, the god of Love....well Shiva appeared to Clare McVerry as the God of Love. It is the way she wanted to see Mahadev - the great god.