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Book: Hindu Chemistry - Development of Chemistry in Ancient India

The book titled 'Hindu Chemistry (Text with English Translation)' delves deep into the development of Chemistry in ancient India. The book narrates about the development of Chemistry in Bharat (India) around 200 years before Christ up to 1600 AD. A major highlight of the book is the topic of the indigenous origin of Indian Alchemy and the knowledge of Chemistry in Ancient Hindu Medical Scriptures. The book is written by B.N. Seal and published by Bhartiya Kala Prakashan. A highly informative book, it is a perfect guide for students and scholars interested in chemistry and about scientific development in ancient India.

In Ancient India, the book covers the Age of Nagarjuna and Buddhist Alchemical Tantras. Developments in Chemistry in the medieval period finds mention in the book through topics such as Rasasara, Dhaturatnamala, Rasadipa, Rasakaumudi and Arkaprakasa.

Tantrism is quite often directly related to Chemistry and the book covers a large number of topics. Knowledge of gems is another important chapter in the book.

The Sankhya Patanjali system, chemistry in the medical schools of Ancient India, the Nyaya Vaisesika chemical theory, conception of Molecular motion have also been discussed in detail in Hindu Chemistry.

Hindu Chemistry (Text with English Translation)
By B.N. Seal
Bhartiya Kala Prakashan
Price: Rupees 500/-