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From Under Heaps of Garbage, Brahma Kund Restored in Vrindavan by Braj Foundation

Brahma Kund, or Brahm Teerth, located near the northern gate of the famous Rangji Temple in Vrindavan is mentioned in the Varaha Purana. Till recently the sacred water tank was lying beneath a heap of garbage and totally neglected. Thanks to the sustained efforts of Braj Rakshak Dal and Braj Foundation, Brahma Kund has been restored to its original glory.

Legends associated with Brahma Kund narrate about Lord Shiva’s and Yog Maya’s appearance here. Spiritual personalities like Chaitanya Mahaprabhu and Meera Bai have visited the spot.

After restoring the Brahma Kund, the foundation members installed a nine-foot tall idol Lord Brahma, seated on a lotus flower. From each petal of the lotus emerges a stream of water.

Braj Foundation is dedicated to the all round development of Braj - the culturally vibrant region associated with the legend of Sri Radha-Krishna. The Foundation’s efforts, which began with restoration of age old water retention tanks, commonly called ‘kund’s, have now spread to the revival of ‘sacred’ groves or ‘van’s, regeneration of around 18000 acres of hilly terrain or ‘Parvat’s into lush-green pasture lands, and resurrection of River Yamuna.

You find more details about Braj Foundation in their official website.