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Meditation And Good Health

Following are some of the common effects, feelings, or experiences of meditation. To what extent you experience or feel these effects depends on the state of your mind, type and duration of your meditation practice, and the skill achieved in it.

Meditation brings a sense of relaxation and peacefulness. It controls anger and short temper of which most people are victims in today’s stressful environment.

Concentration improves. You are able to do your work more efficiently and skillfully.

A concentrated mind brings to surface many new and innovative ideas. You may visualize answers to some of your intricate problems while you are meditating.

You settle down to deeper levels of quietness and awareness.

You experience an increased sense of compassion, care, and concern for others.

You feel a greater sense of purpose in life.

You start appreciating the hand of God in the universe, especially in the beauty and harmony of nature.

You begin responding to an inner desire to do the right things for their own sake rather than under legal or moral compulsion.

Source - Adapted from Retired but Not Tired, 199