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Story of Origin of Pushkar Lake

PushkarLake is one of the sacred lakes in India associated with Hinduism. Story of the origin of PushkarLake is associated with a lotus falling from the hand of Brahma.

Legend has it that once Brahma Dev was contemplating about performing a special yajna on earth for the welfare of the living beings. He could not decide on the holy spot to perform the yajna.
When Brahma was in deep thought, the lotus flower in his hand fell on earth. He decided to have the yajna performed where the lotus fell. As the flower touched the earth, water gushed out and formed a lake. Brahma named the lakePushkar after the lotus.
The famous Pushkar fair is held annually in the Kartik month on the banks of PushkarLake. Taking holy dip in the lake on Kartik Purnima is considered highly auspicious.
The story of the origin of PushkarLake is mentioned in the Padma Purana.

Chained Goddess Kali Murti at Siddha Kali Temple in Old Keonjhar Town in Orissa

SiddhaKaliTemple, more than 800 years old, located in OldKeonjharTown in Orissa is famous for the murti worshiped in the temple. The main murti (idol) in the temple is that of Goddess Kali and it is chained to the walls of the temple. Legend has it that a saint had tied the murti of Goddess Kali with chains so that she will not move out of the temple. This is a high form of Bhakti – where the all capturing Mother Goddess in her all mighty ferocious form decides to get tied to a chain to satisfy Her devotee.

Shiva is worshiped in the temple as Mahakal.
The most important day in the temple is Tuesday. Times of Indiareports  Situated at the foot of Gandhamardan hills and surrounded by forests, the temple offers an ambience that suits the mystery and eeriness that one associates with goddess Kali.  A researcher said 'Siddha Matha' was a place for practising tantra. Legend has it that kings used to visit the temple before setting out on hunting expeditions. The lower part of the ido…

To make life divine what is required an inner change not an outer one. Swami Chidananda

When man listens, God speaks. When man empties himself, God fills his entire being. When God enters man and fills man’s entire being, man is no more man, but becomes light itself.
To make life divine requires an inner change of location not an outer one.
Once dyed, a white cloth cannot change its colour. Meditation is like that. It is dyeing our entire personality in the color of divinity.
When your spirit begins to be like a bird, fluttering  against the bars of its cage, there comes into you an inner hunger. That is grace. It is the commencement of inner awakening.
Source - It's All One Man's Job By Sandra Heber-Percy
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