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Importance of Ganesh Murti (Idol) Made of Emerald or Panna Stone

Many Hindus believe that worshipping Ganesh Murti (idol) made of emerald or panna stone is highly auspicious and meritorious. This is based on the belief is that Ganesha rules Budh Grah (Mercury). As pert Hindu astrology, wisdom, intelligence and education are governed by Budh Grah. By worshipping emerald murti of Ganesh, Budh becomes benign and blesses the devotee. It also helps in reducing any bad phase associated with Budh Grah.

Budh Graha, Mercury, is one among the navgrahas, nine planets, as per Hindu tradition. The movement of Budh Grah in a horoscope is very important in Hindu astrology.

People who are associated with selling and making of Panna Stone Ganesh murti are of the opinion that worship of it helps in business and investments as it provides the right wisdom. Children who regularly offer prayers to Emerald stone murti develop good intelligence and perform well in their studies.

Hindu Blog opinion

Murti is a good help in improving concentration and focus. Daily prayers and few minutes contemplating in front of the murti is of great help. But expecting murtis to perform miracles in exams and in business without hard work and determination will be foolishness.

The above article is answer to many queries that the blog received regarding worship of Emerald Ganesh murti.