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Story on Why Gandhari Lost Her Hundred Sons in the Mahabharata

At the end of the 18-day war in the Kurukshetra in Mahabharata, all the 100 Kauravas were killed. Gandhari the mother of the 100 sons wept inconsolably. She then wanted to know what bad Karma she had done in her previous life to undergo such suffering. A sage then explained to her that in her previous life she had accidentally crushed 100 turtle eggs.

Queen Gandhari in her previous birth sat on a stone beneath which was hidden the eggs of a turtle. When she sat on the stone, it crushed the turtle eggs. The mother turtle who witnessed this heartbreaking scene cursed Gandhari that she too will suffer the loss of 100 children.
This story is not part of the Mahabharata but is folk story associated with the epic in the eastern parts of India.
The story is also an example of the core teaching of Hinduism that all karma has results and one will have to face it in this life or next life. Good karmas bring good results and bad karma brings bad rresults.

Infinite happiness can be realized by the purified heart but is beyond the grasp of the sense – Bhagavad Gita

Self controlled, cut free from desire, curbing the heart and knowing the Atman, man finds Nirvana that is in Brahman, here and hereafter. (Chapter 5, 26)
For when a man’s heart has reached fulfillment through knowledge and personal experience of the truth of Brahman, he is never again moved by the things of the senses. (Chapter 6, 8)
Earth, stone and gold seem all alike to one who has mastered his senses. Such a yogi is said to have achieved union with Brahman. Then he knows that infinite happiness which can be realized by the purified heart but is beyond the grasp of the sense. He stands firm in his realization. Because of it, he can never again wander from the inmost truth of his being. (Chapter 6, 21)
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