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On the Growth of Hindu Population in the United States

An unofficial Hindu census in the United States by the Santa Barbara , a California based Institute of American Religion , discovered some 1,600 temples and centers with an estimated 600,000 practicing Hindus in the United States . It is also estimated that nearly the same number of Hindus prefer personal worship, thus taking the numbers of Hindus to more than 1.2 million. You can read more about the growth of Hindu population in the United States in this article titled Hindu Americans: The Surprising, Hidden Population Trends of Hinduism in the U.S by David Briggs in the Huffington Post. Some excerpts from the article What is propelling Hinduism in the United States into a role as one of the nation's largest minority religions is a steady stream of Indian immigrants who have built hundreds of temples across the nation, according to a new study.   While there is at least one Hindu center in every state, they are largely concentrated in Indian American communities, Melton