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Kalidasa Teachings

A small collection of the teachings of Kalidasa
Everything is not good, merely because it is ancient. New innovations should not be looked down upon, because they are new. Wise persons accept ideas after due examination and consideration. Only the fool has his intellect influenced by others.

A fool is guided by the convictions of others.
A lover sees a reflection of his own fancies in the acts of his beloved.
A Self-willed person never listens to captious tongue.

The Ideal Of The Raghus In Kalidasa’s Raghuvamsha, 1.5-8

Pure of birth, diligent in action, rulers up to the seas, with direct access to heaven (the Raghus) fulfilled all scriptural injunctions, were munificent in charity, just in their dealings, and sensitive to circumstances. Their wealth was for charity, words reserved for truth, conquests for glory, and marriage for progeny. Dedicated to learning in childhood, to material pursuits in youth, and to austerities in old age, they gave up their bodies in yoga.