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Agnihotra Ritual to Prevent Nuclear Radiation Effects - Vedic Havan

Agnihotra is a small sacrificial fire performed at sunrise and sunset along with the recitation of a mantra. Spiritual Science Research Foundation (SSRF) confirms that the Vedic sacrificial fire called Agnihotra does mitigate the effect of nuclear radiation. Agnihotra provides more protection when performed by a person who is at a higher level of spiritual consciousness.
Spiritual Science Research Foundation (SSRF) states
“Any nuclear detonation creates discordant black waves of sound energy, undetectable by the human eye and ear, that travel through the environment”, says Ana Prodanović of SSRF. “The simple Agnihotra ritual counters these black waves with positive reddish waves generated by the Agnihotra fire. This neutralises devastation caused by thermal radiation.” 
While Agnihotra has the capacity to protect from thermal radiation and radioactive fallout, it may not be able to protect a person outside the blast radius from all forms of radiation. The level of protection it provides will largely depend on the spiritual purity and consciousness of the person performing it. A person at a higher level of consciousness will be able to derive more protection. Spiritual consciousness increases by doing regular spiritual practice and following a selfless lifestyle.